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Why it's important to map and monitor agency partnership journey to open the portal for shared value creation?

This is Part 2 of implementing a customer success framework. involved collectively tracing the partnership journey with the customer/partnership agency and define epics to the collective theme for a value chain. The collection of epics was translated to an organically evolving maturity map using Bauer user story maps in JIRA tailored for each partnership.

Part 1 : Removal of functional siloes by introducing a Customer Success Management Framework

Part 3 : MVP design elements for introducing a customer success management cockpit

Agility : An all pervasive need

Organizations on the route to being agile generally see the framework as a silver bullet to efficiency and employee happiness whereas with my experience I see the framework more as an enabler. Lot more is needed along side practising the defined operational mechanics to be a fully agile high functioning team (Team could be a project team, an organization or your partnerships with agencies) for we rely on one another for movement, growth and life while being in a non-linear world where change is inevitable.