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JIRA service desk to enable effectiveness and efficiency in organizational scaling

JIRA service desk to enable effectiveness and efficiency in organizational scaling

Working with a fully remote company leading delivery operations, as we scaled from 10 to 30 member team, request management on tools, on-boarding, performance management, allocation management and other such micro-functions was reported as a challenge to manage over slack with direct messaging. The solution of having a private channel restricted to such needs also could not solve the problem of redundancy and repetition in knowledge sharing. Further, any information already shared was not searchable to refer back. We needed an extension to PMIS (Project Management Information System).

We had already customized help desk with customers. It was intuitive to scale the utility and use similar model for internal functions, initially one service desk for the entire organization and then for each function (such as Human Resources) as the workforce members in each unit increased.

A week of thoughtful review on the nature of requests from across the organization for data categorization, component level classification was weaved into a new support project.

Some immediate benefits we noticed

  • Efficient management of repetitive requests.

  • Efficient information accessibility for referencing again.

  • Visibility to the service requester on the progress against request.

  • Data trends and metrics for response time, resolution time, cycle time besides others to feed into the performance management system of the delivery operations manager.

  • Possibility of component wise data analysis to know more on nature of requests to feed relevant programs (to remove root causes) in the program management funnel.

  • Effective prioritization based on the impact and proximity of the request.

  • Higher sense of accomplishment (as an outcome of clarity by process) for the delivery operations manager.

  • Implicit generation of content information modules for organizational knowledge inventory.

  • Organization wide transparency to on the ground work via boards and progress against queues eliminating the need to generate status reports for stakeholders.

  • Centralized collection of service requests for visibility on quarterly and yearly trends.

  • Possibility of automated response macros in JIRA for service requests for efficient communication from within the same helpdesk.

  • Just in time and efficient visibility of progress against request with JIRA and Slack integration.

    For someone expert in JIRA, setting up and enabling the helpdesk in the tool with tailoring and testing should not take more than a week. A week of effort sounds microscopic, for generally impact intensity is linked to the number of hours, even now in many organizational systems I have come across.

    The effects though, its easy to see are not not just on the person involved (delivery operations manager in the above case), but to the entire ecosystem for its connected-ness erasing lost of noise while simultaneously opening the window of capability enhancement termed organizational operational maturity.

First experiences with Holacracy implementation in a fully remote company.

First experiences with Holacracy implementation in a fully remote company.