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Dimensions to operational process excellence : Customer Success circle

Dimensions to operational process excellence : Customer Success circle

Leading and evangelizing Customer Success at Axelerant Technologies Pvt. Ltd, I have been co-architecting program backlog for enabling and expanding organizational process capability over the years with account teams.

Following dimensions being limited to customer success, process excellence demands :

Being able to timely and reliably transform for process effectiveness which involved

  • Working with the customers to tailor processes for ongoing accounts via ongoing customer collaboration.

  • Ensuring that tailored processes are repeatable for running and similar accounts with the same customer.

  • Frequent process audits and process quality monitoring across various business value streams; with each value stream demanding suitable set of metrics.

Ensuring that processes are appropriate to a process value stream which for Axelerant which involved

  • Discovering and implementing on industry standard Scrum best practices for site building and site migrations

  • Discovering and implementing on industry standard Scrum-ban (Scrum for time-boxing and Kanban to manage flow) best practices for maintenance support services

Processes designed to allow for focused and phased value delivery in alignment with account milestones demanding

  • A continuously groomed backlog to allow for business value prioritization

  • Continuous requirement discovery along side execution for backlog refinement embedded in the processes

  • Time boxed and approved sprints with highest priority value delivery 

Entire circle taking accountability for continuous improvements which involved

  • Timely and religiously practicing and embedding retrospective learning in process while making it a team norm, to allow for repeated successes

  • Standardized frameworks and models for repeatable successes

  • Efficient re-baselining of framework definition across customer account and value streams demanding efficient operational procedures

Continuous enhancement to tools and techniques to allow for embedded operational excellence

  • Internal open source tool enhancements to support process efficiency

  • Replacing and letting go of tools not being able to serve the organizations current needs

  • Workflow updates against value stream needs

Cultural alignment supporting agile principles and best practices : Being Agile rather than doing agile

  • Early and continuous feedback via openness and transparency seeded in trust and connected-ness

  • Training workforce on collaborative and participative management 

Processes need to support leaner practices for reduced production time and costs

  • Eliminating redundancy and non value add activities for faster solution delivery

  • Responding to customer pull to deliver what the customer wants and when the customer wants 

Axelerant being a completely remote company, engagement programs for both internal and external stakeholders also had been taking a high priority in the backlog.

Marketing circle operational enablement using agile principles and frameworks

Marketing circle operational enablement using agile principles and frameworks

Acts of leadership

Acts of leadership