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Introduction to Holacracy

Holacracy is a customizable self-management practice that enables both people and organizational transformations. by making organizations more agile and responsive, increasing clarity around responsibility and priorities, enabling deeper employee engagement and empowerment. These are just a few implicit benefits of enabling this framework. This session introduces Holacracy a completely remote Drupal digital agency

“I really liked the Holacracy concept/idea, I believe it gives more freedom and transparency to everyone within the organization despite of their position/designation.” - Engineer

“But it does say would give a lot of opportunities to all or apparently me because it would go deep down to all of us.” - Engineer

“The webinar was quite an interesting topic considering the current state of industry professionals.” - Engineer

“Initially I did not understand why are you stressing on the word Self -organization but slowly as the presentation went ahead I started realising the importance on self-organization.” - Engineer

“This is the first time I am hearing the word and it sounded initially like an alien sci-fi movie :) Now i have a good understanding of what it is.” - Project Manager

Later Event: April 16
Holacracy : Operating Elements